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Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet

Spiritual Direction

Spirituality has to do with discovering who we truly are. “What is your original face, the one you had before your parents were born?” Buddhists ask. In Christianity we say that our true self is the Self that is one with God and with all that is. Our spiritual journey is about awakening ever more fully to this reality.

Sometimes it is helpful for us to talk with someone about our spiritual journey. Because our spirituality is so core for us, it is important to do that with someone whom we can trust and who will honor the uniqueness of our journey with all its ins and outs. Spiritual direction provides that opportunity.

We bring to a session whatever we wish to share about what it’s like to be on our journey:
  • What’s going well in our life
  • With what do we struggle
  • Where are we with the things that sustain us on the journey: prayer, meditation, ritual, reading
  • Who God is for us
  • Who Jesus is for us
  • How we experience the Divine in our life
  • What’s happening in our relationships 
The director is primarily one who listens and who asks questions or offers insights that help bring to our consciousness the wisdom of the Spirit within us.

Are you interested in knowing more? Read this article or click here to see a list of Sisters and Consociates who minister as spiritual directors and companions.
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