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Consociate Profile: Cheryl Maloney

Consociates Cheryl Maloney (left)
and Mary Kaye Medinger
 Cheryl Maloney is celebrating 20 years as a Consociate this year. Her long-time service to the CSJs includes being a volunteer, donor, consultant, and committee member, most notably her last eight years serving on Sarah’s…an Oasis for Women Advisory Council, where she is now the chair. She has been a member of the Justice Commission, the Legislative Advocacy Partners Working Group, and the Homophobia and Heterosexism Working Group. 

As a youth, from 1959 to 1967, Cheryl was mentored by Sister Amelda at St. Thomas the Apostle, in Minneapolis. “She had a

wonderful impact on my life,” Cheryl said. Later, she worked at the College of St. Thomas as a chaplain with Mary Beth Stearns, CSJ, who, in 1989, re-introduced her to the CSJ community and to the Consociate program. 

One of the first activities Cheryl participated in with the CSJ Community was a prayer circle that met once a month, lead by Joan Mitchell, CSJ. Later, from 1990-1994, Delore Rochon, CSJ, who had been Cheryl’s Companion while she was a Consociate Candidate, hired her as a communications consultant, to provide photography and write stories on the Sisters for the monthly Bethany newsletter. 

“I was honored when Sister Mary Kraft asked me to sit on her Communications Advisory Council as the first Consociate Candidate to do so,” Cheryl said. She served on the council from 1990 to1994. Joanne Tromiczak-Neid, justice coordinator, in the early 1990s, asked her to be one of the first Consociates to serve on the Justice Commission. 

In late 1994, Cheryl relocated to California to earn her doctorate in spirituality. However, she routinely flew home to Minnesota to participate in the early Consociate activities and major CSJ celebrations. “So even while living in California, I made an intentional effort to maintain my involvement and support of the CSJ Community,” Cheryl said. 

Upon her return to Minnesota, Maggie Kvasnicka, CSJ, invited her to bring her experience and nonprofit management expertise to Sarah's...An Oasis for Women.“I was deeply touched to be a part of this Advisory Council,” Cheryl said, and, currently, she is in her second term as the chair of the council and is on the fundraising committee. 

In the early 1990s, Cheryl had the opportunity to take a month-long “trip of a lifetime.” Cheryl, along with Sister Delore Rochan, Sister Ag Foley and Ag’s sister, spent a month with Sister Mary Ellen Foster while touring the Holy Land in Israel and Egypt. 

Cheryl said, “It was a deeply profound experience for all of us to walk where Jesus walked and to be guided by an incredibly awesome Palestinian tour guide who knew the lay of the land and every story in the Bible… to spend a month as a Consociate traveling, learning and experiencing the lay of the land with three CSJ Sisters in which we shared many profound learning moments was and is one of the greatest gifts in my life.” 

Congratulations, Cheryl, for the gift you have given the CSJs with your 20 years of service as a Consociate. 

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