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Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet

What are Consociates like?

Some Consociates are:
  • young adults, "middlers," elders
  • living locally, living internationally (e.g. Kenya and England)
  • activists, contemplatives, common folks
  • parents, grandparents, foster parents
  • married, single, partnered, divorced, widowed
  • musicians, artists, photographers
  • spiritual seekers, Catholic, Protestant, Unitarian
  • religious ministers, spiritual directors
  • retired, in transition, employed full time
  • college educated, educated by life and spirit
  • volunteers, care givers, gardeners
  • social workers, parole officers, coaches
  • managers, clerical workers, students
  • school administrators, teachers, fund raisers
  • speech therapists, holistic healthcare providers
  • parish/church workers, labyrinth walkers
  • workers for racial justice, legislative justice, environmental justice, and human rights
  • In other words -- they love and serve in the world in many ways.
  • 172 Consociates since start of program in 1984
  • 4 Consociates became Sisters
  • 141 current Consociates
  • 10 current Consociate Candidates
  • 18 deceased Consociates

 Photos of Consociate Work in Kenya

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