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What are the steps to becoming a Consociate?

1st Step: Inquiry

Inquiry is a period of time during which a person seeking a relationship with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and Consociates becomes acquainted with sisters and consociates, and familiarizes her/himself with the CSJ mission and ministries. She/he:
  • participates in public community events, prayer experiences and educational opportunities,
  • meets with the consociate team to process whether she/he: has an experience of the present CSJ/St. Paul community; shares CSJ values; and is ready to begin consociate candidacy.
Persons who have limited experience of the present CSJ community may be asked to do a more structured process or intentional inquiry designed to meet her/his individual needs.

2nd Step: Application

During the application process, individuals learn the requirements of candidacy and consider whether they are able to fulfill the responsibilities of candidacy at this time. They complete application forms and in consultation with the Consociate Team, invite a sister and a consociate to be their companions during candidacy. The application process is usually done in February/March of each year.

3rd Step: Welcome

Applicants approved by the Province Leadership Team are invited to begin candidacy. The province holds a ritual of welcome for the new candidates and invites the province community and the candidates’ families and friends as witnesses. At the ritual, the new candidates are introduced to and blessed by the province community. This ritual is the formal beginning of candidacy.

4th Step: Candidacy

Candidacy ordinarily lasts two years. It is a time when persons discerning a call to make the consociate commitment learn the history, charism, mission and ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and Consociates. The candidate:
  • reads books, watches DVDs, meets sisters and consociates and does written reflections;
  • attends a monthly class (1st year) or Sharing the Heart group (2nd year);
  • takes part in an occasional workshop or retreat for candidates;
  • participates in the CSJ province community life through experiences such as: rituals, Wisdom Ways events, Justice Commission Working Groups, All-Consociate/Candidate Meetings, Province Assemblies.
Candidates, Companion(s), Contact Person, Consociate Team and the CSJ community participate in the candidates’ discernment processes.

5th Step: Commitment

Persons who complete candidacy and are accepted by the Province Leadership Council, make a commitment to the community of sisters and consociates. During a ritual of commitment, they state the following in their own words:

"I commit myself to live the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet 
and Consociates, St. Paul Province, moving always toward profound love of God 
and neighbor without distinction. I pledge myself to live the vision and values of the
community as a consociate within the context of my life and responsibilities."

Living the Commitment

Following commitment, consociates enter into a deeper participation in the ministries, prayer, and activities of the CSJ community. The most important way a Consociate lives this mission is in their relationships and ministries. Consociates’ ministries might include family life; paid and volunteer work; and social, political, justice and spiritual activities.

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