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Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet

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News & Events

Feast of Mary Magdalene - July 22, 2015

Women and men joined in prayer and gospel for the Feast of Mary Magdalene on Carondelet Center's lawn. Those in attendance blessed each other with spices and joyfully sang in celebration.

Four Conversations with Laudato Sí

Join in dialogue with Laudato Sí, Pope Francis’s new encyclical on care for Earth, our common home. Pope Francis invites dialogue, calls us to change our lifestyles, and stirs us into action to preserve a sustainable Earth. Be among the first to talk about what a pope from the developing world asks of us in the developed world. Conversations will engage the encyclical in four free sessions, Thursdays, 6:30—8:00 p.m., Carondelet Center Dining Room. Dates include: August 27, September 3, September 10 and September 17. Joan Mitchell, CSJ, Ph.D., will lead the first three conversations with the creative help from the sponsoring groups, namely, Wisdom Ways Center for Spirituality, the Acts of Chapter Committee, and the Earth Partners Working Group of the Justice Commission. For more information, visit the CSJ Events Calendar.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Celeste's Dream Community Garden is bursting, resulting in a mid-season harvest. Harvested plants include 4.5 pounds of lettuce, 3.4 pounds of chard and 1.8 pounds of kale. For photos and a full list of items, visit Celeste's Dream Facebook page.

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