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Explore the Pathway: Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for an opportunity to serve the dear neighbor, either as an individual or with other Sisters and Consociates? When you volunteer, you will be inspired by the Sisters of St. Joseph, who have brought help and hope to people in need in Minnesota since 1851. Sisters have opened more than 100 schools and hospitals and have established more than 50 social service and spirituality programs. Today, Consociates and Partners in Mission join the Sisters in areas spirituality, education, health care, and social justice.

Children's Room

Address: CSJ Ministry Center @ 2200 Nicollet Ave. Minneapolis
Director: Amy Cotter
Phone: 651-696-2775

The Children’s Room is a safe, caring learning environment for the children of the parents who are attending Learning In Style. The Children’s room is open from 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. concurrent with Learning In Style class schedule. *There is immediate need. Please call if you are able to volunteer.

Description of Services Needed:
- Attend and play with the children

The Clothes Closet

Address: CSJ Ministry Center, 2200 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis
Current Coordinator: Marie Herbert Seiter, CSJ
Phone: 651-647-1741

The Clothes Closet provides clothing and household items for people in the Stephens, Whittier and Phillips neighborhoods of Minneapolis, as well as students of Learning In Style who tend to be new immigrants. It is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. for ‘shopping’ and accepting/sorting donations. The Clothes Closet is housed in the garage of the CSJ Ministry Center at 2200 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis.

Description of Services Needed:
- Sort and organize donations
- Attend the center during shopping hours

Learning In Style

Address: CSJ Ministry Center @ 2200 Nicollet Ave. Minneapolis
Director: Agnes Foley, CSJ
Phone: 612-870-1815
E-mail | Website

Teaching English is the main focus of Learning in Style, but classes in Math, Computer, Citizenship and one-on-one conversation skills are offered as well.

Description of Services Needed:
- Teachers
- Tutor and engage in 1-to-1 conversation

Ministries Foundation Special Events

Contact: Mimi Pizzi or Irene Bohn
Phone: 651-690-7058 (Mimi) or 651-690-7026 (Irene)
Email: Mimi or Irene

The Sisters of St. Joseph Ministries Foundation raises funds so Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet (CSJ) can respond to the needs of our community with health care, education, safe housing, spirituality, and leadership development.

Description of needs:
- Assist with event preparation for annual Taste of Thanksgiving (November 7, 2014), to benefit St. Joseph Worker Program
- Assist with event preparation for Golden Habit Mixer (November 22, 2014), to benefit CSJ ministries
- Assist with event preparation for annual Carondelet Gala (May 8, 2015), to benefit St. Mary's Health Clinics
- Assist with large mailings

Tour CSJ Ministries on the second Tuesdays and third Wednesdays of the month and see first-hand the good work the Sisters are providing for those in need. Contact Paul Tatro at 651-690-7025 or by e-mail. For more information about tours, click here.

St. Joseph Worker Program

Contact: Suzanne Herder, CSJ
Phone: (651)-696-2762
E-mail | Website

The St. Joseph Worker Program fosters the self-empowerment of women through the values of the leadership, spirituality, social justice, intentional community and living simply, to allow them in the tradition of the Sisters of St. Joseph, to serve where the need is greatest. Women ages 21-30 are welcome to become St. Joseph Workers.

Description of needs:
- Assist with event preparation for annual Taste of Thanksgiving (November 7, 2014), to benefit St. Joseph Worker Program
- Donate Jewelry for The Bling Thing, a fundraising event
- Donate books to sell for on-going fundraising

St. Mary’s Health Clinics

Address: Carondelet Center, 1884 Randolph Ave., St. Paul 55105
Contact: Melissa Gatten, Director
Phone: 651-287-7712
E-mail | Website

For more information about becoming a volunteer for the St. Mary’s Health Clinics, contact Elisabeth at 651-287-7732 or emiller@stmarysclinics.org

St. Mary’s Health Clinics has provided free primary health care to the uninsured in the seven county metropolitan area of St. Paul, Minneapolis and their surrounding suburbs.

St. Mary’s Health Clinics are able to provide free high quality care to low-income, uninsured men, women, and children in the greater metropolitan area of St. Paul/Minneapolis with the invaluable assistance of over 300 volunteer physicians, nurses, admissions personnel, interpreters, drivers, as well as a network of local health care providers, specialty physicians, pharmacies, churches and schools, who provide their services free or at a discount.

Description of Services Needed:

1. Doctors
The volunteer physician for St. Mary’s Health Clinics provides comprehensive primary medical care to both well and ill patients. The volunteer physician manages and directs care in collaboration with the clinic health care team as well as facilitating referrals to providers and facilities outside St. Mary’s Health Clinics. Volunteer physicians must have a current Minnesota M.D. license, as required by the Minnesota Medical Practice Board. Family Practice specialty is preferable, but not necessary. 

2. Nurses
Under the supervision of a Nursing Supervisor, and in conjunction with the physician, the Volunteer Nurse is responsible for the overall clinical operation of a designated St. Mary Health Clinic. Volunteer nurses must have a current nursing license for the State of Minnesota. 

3. Admissions
The admissions volunteer duties include greeting patients and preparing their medical records, as well as other non-medical duties. This is supported by the Clinic Manager at all times either by on-site training and support or by pager. 

4. Interpreters
The volunteer interpreter communicates with patients in their native language for the purpose of sharing information between the patient, their family, and the health care staff in the clinic. The primary interpretive needs for the St. Mary’s Health Clinics patient is Spanish. While no special training is necessary, an understanding of medical terminology is beneficial. 

5. Drivers
Volunteer drivers for St. Mary’s Health Clinics are responsible for transporting medical supplies, equipment and records to and from the St. Mary’s Health Clinics sites. This position is under the supervision of the Clinic Manager and her staff. Volunteer drivers must have a valid Minnesota drivers license and their own vehicle.

Sarah’s ... an Oasis for Women

Address: 520 South Warwick Street, St. Paul, MN 55116
Contact: Cheryl Behrent
Phone: 651-696-8644
E-mail | Website

Sarah's... an Oasis for Women offers "hospitality for women in transition who are seeking housing, community and safety." Our niche is that we are 'home,' where staff "fosters the self-empowerment of women in community through life skill development, advocacy and referral services." Since mid-1996 more than 600 women have found education, English, jobs, healing, renewal, legal services, and reunion with loved ones ~ all in an atmosphere of beauty and peace, life planning and goal setting, shared lives and personal responsibility. Sarah's continues to serve primarily immigrant women going through the processes of being new to life in the USA with all its complexity and potential opportunity.

Description of needs:
- Donate financially
- Donate items from wish list, located on the website
- Befriend an individual woman with a specific need
- Serve on Sarah's Advisory Council

Celeste’s Dream Spirituality for Young Adults

Address: 1884 Randolph Ave. St. Paul, MN 55105
Contact: Jennifer Tacheny or Jill Underdahl, Co-Directors
Phone: 651-696-2872 or 651-696-2873
E-mail: Jennifer or Jill
Website (or click on "Celeste's Dream" to the right)

Celeste’s Dream offers young adults (20-35 years old) and others opportunities to integrate their education, values, spirituality, and work in the context of community. We offer active and contemplative space, programs and opportunities to intersect with local and international spirituality and justice work of the Sisters of St. Joseph and Consociates community. Rooted in the Catholic, Christian faith, we welcome people from all spiritual traditions.

Description of Services Needed in Community Garden:
- Donate garden tools and harvest baskets – contact Jennifer Tacheny before donating
- Assist in Community Garden, weekly May – October, produce given to CSJ ministries

Wisdom Ways Center for Spirituality

Address: Carondelet Center, 1890 Randolph Ave. St. Paul
Contact: Barbara Lund, Director
Phone: 651-696-2788
E-mail | Website

Wisdom Ways Center for Spirituality offers innovative programs to explore the spiritual dimensions of contemporary life for women and men and to reimagine and embody all that women can be as agents of transformation in church and society.

Description of Services Needed:
If you are interested in volunteering at Wisdom Ways events or learning more about other volunteer opportunities at Wisdom Ways, please contact Sonja Ausen-Anifrani at 651-696-2794 for more information.

Ministries affiliated with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Paul Province

Peace House

Address: 1816 Portland Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55404
Contact: Catherine Mamer, Eileen Leo, or Anita Duckor
Phone: 612-870-7263

Peace House – A Place to Belong – welcomes everyone who walks through its doors. A safe place in the heart of Minneapolis, on Portland Avenue, it is for people who seek refuge, sustenance and community. Visitors have time to talk, share stories, and enjoy coffee, cookies, a hot lunch, and daily meditation and respect for inner strength.

Description of Services Needed: (Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.)
- Help with daily lunch
- Talk with visitors

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