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Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet

Karen Zelzenak

Consociate Candidate

"I was born in Kansas City, KS, the third of five children into a traditional Catholic family. I attended Catholic grade school and high school. In my teens and 20's, I drifted away from the Church and in the midst of a personal crisis, went on a journey to reclaim what was important to me in the Church and to release those thoughts, ideas and beliefs that no longer served me. In Fact, I call myself a "recovered Catholic." After much wandering, I found a "home" at St. Stephen's Catholic Church and now worship at the Spirit of St. Stephen's. After working for 32 years in the field of public health, including 14 years as the Director of the City of Bloomington's Public Health Department, I have moved to a different phase of my life.

My spouse, Jim Fournier, and I live in St. Paul and are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary this year. I am drawn to be a part of this spiritual community of strong women and men who have a deep love our earth and whose lives reflect their commitment to peace, justice and love. I am looking forward to learning and growing from the examples of CSJs and Consociates in how to engage all people in a more compassionate and loving way. I would hope through this two-year journey that I would learn more about the history, values and ministries of the CSJ and at the same time learn more about myself and where my heart would lead me to contribute."

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