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Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet

The Spark: See how this movement started

15 billion years ago—a love so vast, so deep, broke forth in a pregnant void and the mystery of creation began.

In that flaring forth of creative love was all that ever will be. ...
In the mid-17th century, southern France was ravaged by war, devastating plagues, famine, and poverty. A spirit of Love moved through the church: It was a time when people awakened and responded to the presence of God in the ordinary suffering of people. Women who longed to devote their lives to the way of Jesus and desired the freedom, not granted in traditional orders, to live and work among people suffering from poverty and sickness started communities. Six of these women, of different social classes, confided their dream of this new kind of religious life to a young Jesuit priest. These women and all who followed and joined them dedicated themselves to cultivating compassion, justice, and peace.

“Always moving toward profound love of God and neighbor without distinction."

360 years later this movement has grown to include congregations of Sisters, Consociates, and other people who partner in mission and ministry in over 50 countries.

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