Gardens come in all shapes and sizes. Planted, grown and harvested by people of all backgrounds and experience. Cultivated by a diversity of hands and minds.

In the CSJ Community, gardens are everywhere you look. Larger, community and communal gardens near the Administration Center and behind Carondelet Center. Smaller, individual garden plots along the trail that wraps around Carondelet Village. And gardens that thrive 1, 2, 3 stories above the ground on terraces.

Each garden has purpose: to feed, to offer aesthetic beauty, to enliven the sense of smell, touch and even sound. Each garden brings and builds relationship with Earth; driving the community further into the commitment of Caring for Creation.

Acts of Chapter 2013, page 6:
“We commit ourselves to act with urgency to protect her (Earth’s) stability and integrity and to celebrate her beauty wherever we are.”

Below two CSJ gardeners share how’s, why’s and tips, and their own connection to Earth and Caring for Creation.

Angela Schreiber, CSJ

“By composting waste I don’t add to garbage pile ups.  I try to be always mindful of the statement: when I throw something away, where is away?”

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Mary Ellen Foster, CSJ

“We each must establish a REAL relationship with our plant and animal relatives… I do this with earth, seeds and plants. They feed me in countless ways through their life span.”

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