Invitation for Reflection:

The Role of Community Gardening During a Global Pandemic

Please submit reflections by February 15

Hello, everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying these sunshiny days and finding ways to take good care of yourselves. Winters can present a number of challenges unique to its frigid and frosty character, and not the least among them is this period of time away from the Celeste’s Dream community garden! While it rests, and while we tuck ourselves away too, it is perhaps the perfect time to reflect on this past season of gardening together. During our last night in the garden back in October, we spent a moment sharing what it meant to us in the reality of COVID-19 to be able to come together and share in the joy of being outdoors in community with Earth and each other. Not everyone was able to attend that night, and there are many we were unable to hear from. Fortunately, there is still a chance to share what is on your heart and have it be heard by each other!

In these next couple of months, we are hoping to gather reflections from you all that encapsulate the impact of the garden on our well-beings as individuals as well as a greater collective. We are then looking forward to sharing these responses back with you all in some creative form. We are hoping this will be a way to memorialize how together, we found joy, comfort, and replenishment in a time of universal hardship, outrage, and heartbreak.

We invite you to consider the role our community garden played in your life during this tumultuous year of necessary separation, heightened uncertainties, and the ever-present need for deep connection. What did it bring to you? What were you able to receive? How might you have been uniquely sustained and made well by it? Through this act of nurturing life, what in return was nurtured within you? What grows in and from you today?

You may also share a poem, a song, an art piece, or some other form of creative expression to demonstrate how you are moved in response to these questions.

If you feel moved to share your responses, please send them to St. Joseph Worker, Karina Sieber, at If you would prefer that your responses are kept anonymous, we will do everything on our end to honor your confidentiality!

Wishing you warmth, nourishment, and restoration in the coming days.