Jill Underdahl, CSJ, M.A. degrees in Irenic Studies (peace and conflict transformation) and nonprofit management, has worked with young adults in spirituality, social justice, and English education for 20+ years. As a trained spiritual director, she helps people listen to what is in the unfolding of their lives and be with the wonder, feelings, and questions they have.

During a typical session, you might talk about your life in an intimate way: the quality of important relationships, your attitude toward work or career, your hopes and concerns, your goals and struggles, your memories and curiosities. You might reflect on shifts of feelings and thoughts, and inspirations and challenges as they exist for you.  As a spiritual listener,  Jill will ask questions that may help you look more deeply or differently at the stories you tell—broadening and shifting perspectives.

Cost: $60 per session. Typically, spiritual guidance sessions are 60 minutes every 4-6 weeks. The first session is an opportunity for you to meet Jill and to learn more about spiritual guidance and each other.

A sliding fee scale is available. No cost for the first session.

Since it is a spiritual process, the relationship lasts as long as it is nourishing for both of you.  A periodic review of the relationship and process is recommended.

Spiritual Guidance sessions will be at CSJ Administration Center, 1884 Randolph Avenue, St. Paul, MN, 55105.

Contact: Jill Underdahl, CSJ, junderdahl@csjstpaul.org or 651-696-2873

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