Mary Virginia Micka, CSJ

Until her retirement from St. Catherine University in 1992 as Professor Emerita, Sister Mary Virginia Micka taught in the Department of English. Click here to read some of Mary Virginia’s poems.

Of her drawings, she has this to say:

“My blood and nerves were born to dance. For over fifty years it’s been a dance with words. But recently it’s become also a play of gestures looping and swooping across the paper because something-or-other within urges me to reach for the charcoal. I’ve learned to let the movement down my arm take the lead then, but I don’t know where we’ll end up. To follow a feel until it assumes a shape pleasing or disturbing to the outer eye is always a surprise and often a mystery, even to me.”

Gestures, 2001-2005, marks the 16th presentation of her work. The drawings are available for purchase. For further information, call 651-696-2758.

Watercolors by Mary Virginia Micka, CSJ: