Explore the Pathway Consociates part of a nontraditional tradition

Consociates part of a nontraditional tradition.

Consociates are women and men of diverse life-styles and spiritual traditions committed to living the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet (CSJ) within the context of their lives and responsibilities.



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Consociate Ritual of Commitment in Kenya

On the hills of Homa Bay in Western Kenya, we celebrated the Consociate Ritual of Commitment and welcomed the three Kenyan Consociates: Diana Lieta (2015), Aloys Mambe Obonyo (2013), and Serphine Achola Mambe (2013). The ceremony was on Sunday, October 21, 2017 since they weren’t able to attend the rituals in St. Paul.   Read more >>

What drew you to the CSJ Community?

“I was drawn to this community because of environmental justice, social justice, and the work of strong, talented women who simply never, ever give up.”

Connie Bowen
CSJ Consociate Candidate

“It’s all about the mission for me, ‘loving God and neighbor.’ It’s the greatest commandment and what I have always felt most called.”

Hannah Pierson
CSJ Consociate Candidate

“What drew me to the CSJ Community is the Charism of the CSJs, ‘always moving toward profound love of God and dear neighbor without distinction.’ and ‘meeting the needs of the time.’ The CSJs have done so much in this community. I want to help carry their legacy forward.”

Debra Sheats
CSJ Consociate Candidate

“I was and am drawn to the CSJ Community because of the warmth and gentle openness of the people I first encountered and continue to encounter! I’m grateful to be among women religious who are exercising their love muscles by practicing the art and discipline of seeing God in all.”

Laurel Gamm
CSJ Consociate Candidate

“My attraction to the CSJ Community is the co-creation opportunity that allows us to participate in God’s plan. My commitment to growing in spiritual wisdom for myself and with others will make this a blessed and sacred union.”

Mary Freitag
CSJ Consociate Candidate

“I firmly believe in the CSJ ideal of moving toward a profound love of God and neighbor without distinction. I want to surround myself with like minded people who see the Christ in everyone. There is a spiritual energy that is felt when I am in the presence of the CSJ sisters and Consociates.”

Sandy Burton
CSJ Consociate Candidate