Hillary Freeman
I believe that as a Jew who was raised with the teaching of “Tikkun Olam” (“repairer of the world”) my world view is consistent with the charism of the CSJs. The term is understood in modern America as the idea that Jews are called upon to make the world more just, peaceful, tolerant, and equal, through acts of charity, kindness, and political action. This resonates clearly with the charism of “love of G-d and love of neighbor without distinction.”
Allison Connelly-Vetter
As a Consociate with the Sisters of St. Joseph, I seek first and foremost accountability to living out the charism. When I encountered the Sisters during my St. Joseph Worker Program year in 2015, I fell in love with the inclusive, justice-seeking spirituality and authentic community life. Now, seven years later, I am still powerfully drawn to the charism of the Sisters. I seek to continue moving towards love of God and love of neighbor – without distinction – in deep and committed relationship with the Sisters, Consociates, and whole Family of Joseph in St. Paul and beyond.
Elea Ingman
I come seeking what I’ve always sought with this community: deep spirituality, right action, and fellowship. I bring all that I am, and all that has been formed by this community: my work as a theologian and a writer, my music, and my abiding love for God and Neighbor without distinction. I hope to live that truth into the world wherever I am, participating with the community as much as I can from Seattle, and strengthened by the knowledge that my heart is always kept safe here in this community.
Anne Melendez
As I begin my journey as a Consociate with the Sisters of St. Joseph, I am here with an open heart, I am here to share my gifts of creativity, advocacy, and compassion, I am here to join you in the work of justice and in loving God and neighbor without distinction.
Marsha Berry
I bring a lot of questions. Or perhaps I should say an inquiring mind. At my core I am an educator and learning is important to me. I bring energy for justice work. And I bring a different perspective. But, then, each of us has a unique perspective and that makes this community the rich and deep flow of many people joining together seeking love for all our neighbors.

May 2nd, 2023