Before making a commitment, people who are interested in becoming Consociates participate in a two year candidacy program. During this time, candidates have “companions” who accompany them on the journey of candidacy.

In this picture, Consociate Candidate Rosemary Curran and her companions Linda Taylor and Peg Schwendeman are at Peg’s house. They spent some time together exploring the area near Peg’s home where she has restored a great deal of land to native prairie. This is what Peg had to say about the picture:

“We were beginning on one of the paths I have through my prairie area. The prairie is moving into its autumn native grasses and goldenrod phase. Each season has a different look and flowers. I thought of it metaphorically as “ friends beginning the journey together” since we are heading in on the adventure of Rosemary’s candidacy.”

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August 20th, 2018