Ash Wednesday is February 17 and as we approach the season of Lent, we offer the below prayer.

O God of Every New Day,

You offer us the gift of Lent …

   You teach us that this time is not about guilt.

   You teach us that this Lent is about awareness.

   This year, in a very singular way

   you have gifted us with a great pause…

      that we may notice what and who is all around us,

      reflect and assess our present course,

      discern what it is you call of us to,

      right here, and right now.


Make us aware…

   Aware of the voices we have been ignoring

   Aware of the choices we have made

        that have damaged or hurt your cause

   Aware of your presence in those

        we would sometimes choose to avoid.


Teach us to learn from our past,

   to listen to your future,

   to sing glad songs of love and hope,

    knowing you are with us

       throughout this sacred season.  Amen.

February 2nd, 2021