This week in particular, our hearts and prayers are with the 800,000 DACA youth in our country struggling with fears, uncertainty, and frustrations because of the Administration’s planned March 5th rescinding of the DACA program and the Federal District Court’s temporary injunction from revoking the DACA program. The fate and future of these youth hang in question legally and is bound by Congressional gridlock. 

The CSJ Immigration Task Group, a working group of the CSJ Justice Commission, invites you to join in contacting elected Congressional officials today to support DACA youth and a just solution in Congress that will:

  • Protect these undocumented, immigrant youth from deportation
  • Provide a pathway to citizenship, and
  • Avoid damaging existing protections for families and unaccompanied minors.

The CSJ community encourages you to support these efforts by:

  1. Using this prayer to Pray for DACA Youth, their families, our elected officials in Congress and our Nation 
  2. Contacting Minnesota’s congressional representatives and telling them you support a clean Dream Act. Persistence helps! Use this link to contact them EVERY DAY even if they already support this view.  Now it is time to show your support!   

March 5th, 2018