by Jill Underdahl, CSJ, Co-Director of Celeste’s Dream

For her Honor’s project St. Catherine University student, Veronika Paprocka, History, Digital Humanities Minor, researched changes in campus building and space.  In the project’s abstract, she describes her interest and purpose accordingly:

Every day we sit in historic spaces and yet most of us know little about the spaces we inhabit; the spaces on the St. Paul campus of St. Catherine University have spent more than a hundred years changing with the times. Some places have changed more while other places have stood still in time offering a glimpse into the past and still other buildings are a mix of both. The history of spaces at St. Catherine University is hard to uncover; archives offer incomplete understandings of space as the materials preserved are limited. People offer some information however most of the people connected with building and designing spaces have left the university. This project worked to hear what the walls have been saying and to uncover the history we live in. The project has a digital component, creating a digital “book” to house all the information and photographs collected into an accessible tool.

To view her presentation and read her digital book, search the following links or go to:

Veronika Paprocka’s honors project presentation, Tunnels, Pools and Ghosts: Exploring Space at St. Catherine University:

Veronika Paprocka’s digital book, Tunnels, Pools, and Ghosts:  Exploring Space at St. Catherine University:

July 18th, 2017