Learning in Style School teachers have more than than 300 years of combined teaching experience, more than 50 years of administration experience, 10 advanced degrees and more than 60 years teaching at Learning In Style. Here are some of the comments our students have made about this remarkable teaching staff:

“The teachers dedication to me; they were like
mothers. Interested in our lives outside of
school. There was so much laughter and
conversation. Lots of friends that are still

“The teachers taught me more than English,
math and computers. They taught me how to
live in America, ways to fit into community
life, and to believe that I could accomplish
whatever I wanted to.”

“The LIS teachers cared about me. When I
came to America, I needed English like a
flower needs water.”

“I thank Teacher Mary for teaching
me English and giving me the confidence to
talk to immigration officials about bringing
my family to America.”

“People cared about me and my family. LIS
was a happy and friendly place. We were safe
and not afraid.”

“Teachers at LIS helped me get ready for a
different job. Today, I am a patient assistant. I
visit homes and help them with their daily needs”


To learn more about Learning In Style School, visit www.lisschool.org.

October 26th, 2017