The CSJ community encourages us all to be engaged in our communities.  There are many forms of civic engagement.  Voting is not merely a privilege. It is a right. It is our responsibility.  It is our civic duty.

Every election is important.  It is especially important when you consider it’s been about a hundred years since women were given the right to vote in 1920.  It is particular important when you consider that more than 400 bills with provisions to restrict voting access have been introduced in 49 states in the 2021 legislative sessions.  It is very important that we can use our vote – to be a positive voice for creating a more just world for all.

This election year continue to exercise your political voice as you reflect upon interlocking injustices especially systemic poverty, systemic racism, the war economy and militarization, and ecological devastation.   Use your vote to make a difference and build the common good.

One of the greatest non-violent things you can do is to vote.  Remember to vote this November 8th.


All people have a right to participate in the economic, political, and cultural life of society. It is a fundamental demand of justice and a requirement for human dignity that all people be assured a minimum level of participation in the community.