Many of us, along with our dear neighbors across the country, have been proudly wearing our “I voted” stickers throughout this election season.

Furthermore, we encouraged one another to vote.  On election day, the CSJ community gathered to Love and Pray Without Distinction. See our ZOOM gathering on our YouTube Channel and pray with us for all people of this nation and world, without distinction. Together we can bring an alternative energy of hope for each other and each neighbor. And so WE VOTED, but our work of civic engagement continues in the days, weeks, and months following election day.  In other words, our collective work for civic engagement and social justice continues or may have only just begun.

While we are a non-partisan group and do not an endorsement of any particular candidate, we are passionate about creating a more just world for all.  Civic engagement is a responsibility.  The CSJ community firmly believes that an active responsibility of our faith is thoughtful participation and engagement in the civic process.


As we await the final 2020 election results, we thoughtfully and faithfully engage as people of faith and citizens with our new and returning elected officials on legislation which truly creates a more just world for all.

We invite you to join the St. Paul Province and the U.S. Federation for 100 DAYS OF PRAYER SPECIAL EDITION: “WRAPPING THE NATION IN PRAYER”

Beginning November 1 to November 7, the Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph is encouraging everyone to join in “wrapping the nation in prayer.” They have made available a special edition of the 100 Days of Prayer, and in lieu of the regular action item, they are asking everyone to pray the last prayer on the flyer every day that week at 12 p.m. (local time).

We invite you to become more engaged in the legislative process. Learn more about the CSJ Justice Commission’s Legislative Advocacy Partners (LAP) Working Group and consider joining them for one of their LAP advocacy training sessions.

Check out our TAKE ACTION page for timely updates on next steps of advocacy actions you can take.

More than anything…  Stay Engaged.  Stay Connected. And Stay Involved.  Your voice matters on election day, and for every other day of the year as well.  Your civic engagement is needed to create with others this more just world for all that we all desire.