Civic engagement is a responsibility.  The CSJ Community firmly believes that an active responsibility of our faith is thoughtful participation and engagement in the civic process.  2020 is an election year, so how do we thoughtfully and faithfully engage as people of faith and citizens.

The St. Paul Province is working with the U.S. Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph to offer simple and timely reflections in the weeks leading up to the Nov. 3rd elections. We encourage you to take a moment each week to pause and reflect on these questions.

WEEK 1: Review the Week 1 Reflection.

WEEK 2: Review the Week 2 Reflection.

WEEK 3: Review the Week 3 Reflection.

WEEK 4: Review the Week 4 Reflection.

WEEK 5: Review the Week 5 Reflection.

WEEK 5: Review the Week 6 Reflection.

Thank you also for sharing/emailing/posting/tweeting these reflections for others to see, as well.

HELPFUL 2020 Election Resources

 Register to vote! If you are serious about real change, your individual vote does matter. If you are a Minnesota Voter, a really handy resource is – the MN Secretary of State’s website has countless resources to register to vote, to apply for your absentee ballot, to find polling locations and to learn more about who is on your ballot.

You can easily confirm your voter registration status with this helpful link.  Provide your name, address and birthdate to find out right away.

In addition you can use this link to register to vote, check your registration, vote by mail, get election reminders, pledge to register, find the nearest polling place, and fill out your 2020 census form.