Dismantling Racism Working Group

The Dismantling Racism Working Group is dedicated to raising awareness of issues of racism.


  • Encourage members and others to attend events on racism

  • Support St. Kate’s students where they are, such as:
    Cornbread and chili
    Participating in One Read
    Meeting with Native Youth
    Justice or Education event with St. Kate’s students (like Habits & Hijabs or other event)

  • Co-sponsor Province-wide event(s) (evening with Fr. Massingale, possibly hosting film)

  • Lead Peace Prayer in September 2017

  • Support on-going conversations about race, such as follow-up conversations of 10/28 meeting

  • Develop, encourage and participate in small-group discussions:
    On Being civil conversations
    Book clubs or reading ourselves, such as:
        The Hate U Give, by Angie Thomas
        Waking Up White, by Debby Irving
        White Rage, the Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide, by Carol Anderson
        Just Mercy, Bryan Stevenson
        We Were Eight Years in Power, by Ta-Nehisi Coates

For more information contact Marty Roers at mroers@csjstpaul.org.

Past Events

“We are trying to build an America that never was,” said Fr. Bryan Massingale as began his Sept. 20th talk titled “To Redeem the Soul of America: A Moral Vision for a Movement Against Racism.” The engaging evening with racial justice scholar and Fordham University theologian, Fr. Bryan Massingale, highlighted the dangerous “thin ice” of our past and our current reality. “The past isn’t past,” he said. The evening was punctuated by Fr. Massingale’s honoring and reverently remembering the tragic loss of ten African American Young lives including Philando Castile along with the frank challenge “Is this someone I should care about?” The St. Kate’s Ballroom was standing room only along with four additional overflow seating rooms in order to accommodate the nearly 850 participants who joined the evening conversation on racism. We are grateful to the Sisters of St. Joseph and Consociates’ Justice Commission together with St. Kate’s University, St. Peter Claver Catholic Church, and an addition eight other collaborative organization/churches in sponsoring this evening of examining racism together.