Confronting Whiteness and Racism Working Group

Statement on Racism and Commitment to Direct Action
by the US Federation of the Sisters of St Joseph

Listen and Learn

Read this piece about Black History Month.

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Other resources for learning about racism and white supremacy.


Prayer to End Racism

Prayer for a Violent Nation


What you can do right now.

How do you get from diversity to inclusion? Ask these 4 questions about your meetings.

Mission and Goals

The Confronting Whiteness and Racism Working Group (formerly the Dismantling Racism Working Group) is dedicated to raising awareness of the effects of racism in ourselves, our systems, our society, and discerning how we are called to build the Beloved Community, based on love, justice, and equal opportunity for all. 

Building community is based in “noticing that something more beautiful comes from us being together rather than trying to do it alone. 

Goals for 2021-2022:

  • All members are invited to build community with another Working Group. 
    • All members of this work group are encouraged to attend a meeting or two of another work group, sometime during the year, to learn about their work and intersections with this group.
    • General information about the work groups can be found here.  
  • All members are invited to continue building relationships with community groups (internal and external) 
    • Each member of this work group is encouraged to continue or explore participation with a community group.
    • Share with each other what we learn from these groups, e.g. events, advocacy, opportunities for building community.
    • Listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit through other people, let our voices be quiet as we are present in the world as ourselves. 
  • All members are invited to attend and support CSJ Community events, such as: 
    • Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King event in January – amplifying events of community organizations. 
    • Black History Month (perhaps collaborating with or amplifying work of community organizations). 
    • Support Racial Assessment work (engage in deep, ongoing prayer regarding the Racial Assessment, support conversations and learnings that may be helpful such as Network’s curriculum for Recommit to Racial Justice – NETWORK Advocates or other programs).

For more information contact Cheryl Peterson at and/or 651.690.7057.