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Gun Violence is a Public Health Issue

On April 5th of 2023, the Sisters of St. Joseph’s Health Care for All Task Group and the Justice Seekers from Carondelet Village hosted a special program seeking ways to understand and end gun violence.  View a recording of the CSJ gun violence prevention program here.  We invite you to join the CSJ community in praying to end gun violence along with joining our Legislative Advocacy Partners (LAP) in advocating for common sense bills seeking systemic change.




In addition, the CSJ Health Care for All Task Group hosted another event “Public Health: Why It matters!”  We were excited to feature two speakers, James Hart, M.D. (President of MN Public Health Association) and Antonia Apolinario-Wilcoxon, Ed.D. (President of Equity Strategies, LLC.) along with special presentations from St. Kate’s Public Health students as they explored the important role of public health.  Check out a recording of this hybrid event on our Youtube page.

Sponsored by our Justice Commission and the Health Care for All Task Group.

A Closer Look at COVID-19 Health Disparities in Minnesota

Check out the below flyer highlighting the harsh truth of COVID-19 disparities in Minnesota.

Minnesota’s COVID-19 Disparities

Mission and Goals

The Health Care for All Task Group is dedicated to the principle that access to health care is the right of everyone without exception. We are committed to healthcare policy, public action and advocacy for policies that promote equitable access to quality health care for all. The group collaborates with other organizations to influence political policy change.

Goals for 2022-23: 

  • Educate ourselves about healthcare access issues, gaps in access to health care in our community, proposed health care reforms and their effect on people in our community and factors that broadly affect the overall health of the community. 
  • Share information through community information and education events on Health Equity and access to comprehensive mental health and dental services. 
  • Collaborate with local community organizations working on similar issues and initiatives to promote and improve community health, health care access, and health equity. 
  • Promote civic engagement and advocacy for public policies that will increase equitable access to health care for all.  

Catholic social teaching insists that health care is a basic right flowing from the sanctity of human life and dignity of the human person. In the words of Pope Francis, “Health is not a consumer good but a universal right, so access to health services cannot be a privilege. Basic Health Care is denied – denied! to too many people.”  (5.9.2016)

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