Immigration Task Group

The Immigration Task Group provides opportunities for education, advocacy and action leading to humane and just immigration reform.


  • Self-Education: To increase our understanding of current immigration/refugee issues.

  • Community Education: To offer awareness activities for the broader community on current immigration/refugee issues.

  • Advocacy: Seeking opportunities to advocate for immigrants and refugees.

  • Action: To actively partner with other organizations supporting immigrant and refugee communities by participating in meetings, attending vigils, supporting public actions, and being a recognizable presence at immigration events.

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Current Activities

The Immigration Task Group has been actively advocating and encouraging others to send postcards to their elected officials in Congress to ask them to protect DACA youth and to pass clean DREAM Act bi-partisan legislation by March of 2018.  

Seize every opportunity to have intentional conversations on these important immigration issues within your personal circles of family, friends and co-workers.  Persist in urging Congress and the President to support our DACA youth (Dreamers) and to resolve this issue with “heart.”