As of November 2020, the Justice Office reports that the:

CSJ Justice Commission is piloting a special “Signs of the Times and Responding with Bold Action” process as a core component of our 2020-2021 monthly meetings.  The Justice Commission goals approved for the year are as follows:

  • We commit to actions and advocacy efforts for systemic change.
  • Acknowledging the interconnectivity of our working and task groups, we commit to collaboration.
  • We commit to being accountable to the CSJ community by sharing, educating and intentionally communicating our work for justice.
  • We commit to engaging the broader CSJ community (Sisters, Consociates, Friends of St. Joseph, SJW alumnae, the St. Kates community, and Partners in Mission) in actions for justice and advocacy with the Justice Commission (and Working/Task Groups).

Confronting Whiteness and Racism Working Group is excited to try out a new structure for the group this year which will include subgroups working on communication, prayer, ongoing education and action.

Earth Partners Working Group engaged in and supported Congregational efforts around environmental sustainability through the Season of Creation programming throughout the month of October.

Gospel of Life Task Group congratulates and thanks the CSJ Community for the public letter on the death penalty citing Catholic social justice teachings on the dignity and sanctity of all human life.  When visiting our country a few years back, Pope Francis asked the U.S. Congress to eliminate the death penalty. In addition, the Gospel of Life Group has been working to support federal legislation that would have provided medical aid to a baby who survived an abortion, which was narrowly defeated by a few votes. Abortion has been legal for 57 years in the U.S. As we respect the sanctity of life along the full life spectrum from conception to natural death, the Task Group encourages the community to consider equal time for birth issues while reminding us of the prayer for life: “Like Blessed Mary, may we always say yes to the gift of life. May we defend it and promote it from conception to its natural end.”

Health Care for All Task Group: hosted an October morning coffee ZOOM event on “Our Broken Healthcare System calls us to action:  Lessons from COVID-19” together with Health Care for All MN and St. Catherine University’s Public Health Department students.

VOTE in 2020! Check out the weekly CSSJ voter reflection questions from the Federation. Remember to register and vote… and encourage others.