As of May 2021, the Justice Office reports that the:

The Justice Office continues to work with the CSJ Congregational Leadership Team and the CSSJ Federation to promote advocacy on the S.1 “For the People Act” in the U.S. Congress. This legislation has passed in the U.S. House of Representatives. This bill addresses election reform, making it easier to vote, ending the dominance of big money in our politics and ensuring public officials work for the public interest. Learn more.

Earth Partners Working Group celebrated a number of events for Earth Week 2021 including:

  1. a CSJ Earth Day on April 24 in which they prepared the community gardens for planting.
  2. Myser Initiative lecture on Earth Day April 22 with a talk on “Water is Life: Fresh Waters, Ethics, and Decolonial Values in a Pluralistic World” by Christiana Zenner.
  3. Virtual Bee Run with Great River Coalition throughout the week of April 17 to 24.

Legislative Advocacy Partners Working Group has been extremely busy offering Legislative Advocacy opportunities as action alerts to LAP members. The Minnesota State Legislative Session is slated to end on May 17th, so get involved in making a difference. Check out the CSJ Take Action webpage in order to participate in on-going advocacy opportunities in these coming weeks.

Criminal Justice Working Group presented at the April Justice Commission meeting about the Communities United Against Police Brutality proposal to “Ending Police-Only Responses to Mental Health 911 Calls” as the group seeks public endorsement of this grassroots campaign. Learn more. The Working Group also worked with the LAP working group to advocate for common sense legislation this MN State Session to remove obstacles for people who are being released from prison in obtaining a state issued ID card and a 30-day supply of necessary medications upon their release.

Homes and Hearts (a new Justice Commission Working Group) is committed to responding to the needs of the times with guidance from the charism – to act on our profound love for the dear neighbor through advocacy and direct service to the needs of people experiencing homelessness in the Twin Cities. We are inspired by the Sisters’ decision to provide shelter to families in the Provincial House, and aim to complement their service by focusing on ending homelessness through legislative advocacy. By connecting with organizations like JRLC, MICAH, and Homes 4 All, we amplify neighboring efforts to change and instill policies that will ensure protective and fair housing rights for all.

We invite all to join their lights with ours as we respond to the call to action. Find out current actions you can take or attend our CSJ Homes & Hearts Working Group meetings. Please email Karina Sieber for more information!