Lenten Ecology, Prayer, and Practice – Week 2: March 1 – 7

Reducing Food Waste

Here is a printable one page version of the below information: 2021 Lenten Program WEEK 2

Here is a printable one page version of the below information (large font): 2021 Lenten Program WEEK 2

Reflection and Action

Are you aware that 40% of all food grown is wasted? Some is left in the fields, some lost in transportation processing, some not sold in the stores, and some wasted in our own homes. If none of that were wasted the hungry of the world could be fed. Jesus fed the multitudes and then what was left was collected. Nothing was wasted.

This week we invite you to consider food waste in your own home. Begin with an inventory of the freezer, refrigerator and cupboards. Is anything outdated, freezer burned or spoiled? Note how much and compost it so at least it is returned to the soil. Ask yourself, what needs to be used now and how can it be incorporated into a soup, salad, stir fry, stew? Or, simply save it to be used next week.

Another way to help provide more food for others and produce less waste into the environment is to eat lower on the food chain. That means eating less meat and more vegetables and fruits.

During Lent we are instructed to abstain from eating meat on Fridays. Perhaps we could also abstain one or two more days. Beef consumes the most vegetation per pound and produces the most waste into the environment whereas chicken, turkey and fish are much lower on the food chain.

Another suggestion might be to fast from beef during this season. Whatever we are led to do, let us always be grateful for the food we have to eat and remember those who have none or not enough. For more ideas, check out these additional resources:

Advocacy/Action Items: