Lenten Ecology, Prayer, and Practice – Week 4: March 15 – 21

Recycling Reboot

Here is a printable one page version of the below information: 2021 Lenten Program WEEK 4

Here is a printable one page version of the below information (large font): 2021 Lenten Program WEEK 4

Reflection and Action

As we enter week 4 of our Lenten journey, take a look back at the waste list you created following Ash Wednesday’s introduction. Have you discovered anything on the list that could be composted or recycled? Week 1 reminded us of the mantra: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Do you remember when, in order to recycle, we were required to separate everything – clear bottles, green bottles, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and newspapers? Recycling has become much easier with no-sort as the norm.

Products made from recycled materials can reduce caustic emissions and save energy. Repurposing aluminum products uses 95 percent less energy than creating them from scratch. There are benefits to the environment when we recycle. These benefits include: less waste in landfills, conservation of natural resources (trees, water, minerals), and reducing pollution. There is also an economic benefit to recycling – creating domestic sources of materials (reusing), supporting American manufacturing and creating jobs in the local recycling and manufacturing industries. It might mean an extra container somewhere in your home, and an extra trip to the recycle bin in the garage – however, it is one small step we can do to help the planet and our “dear neighbor.” The St. Paul Province collects recycling in our Randolph Ave. campus buildings.

Reusing (or recycling) clothes, accessories, and household items has become easier as well. Consignment stores and thrift stores are readily accessible – both for those donating and those buying. Items should be gently used and in good working order. Maybe schedule a Zoom “swap” event with friends and family. Something you are giving away might be something a friend needs – and that friend might have something you are looking for.

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