A More Just World For ALL

The CSJ Justice Commission is committed to acting for justice for all as seen in this recent presentation about our work or watching the below introductory video found by clicking on the green justice image below.

Justice as Healing grounded in Radical Love 

The CSJ Justice Commission works for justice that is healing.  Our actions for justice and systemic change are rooted in a heart of radical love. 

Current CSJ Justice focus groups include: 

Other CSJ Justice action areas include: 

Justice Educational Resources: 

Check out Educational Resources in our Justice Resource Room located at the CSJ Administrative Center. 

The CSJ Justice Commission 

The Justice Commission and the CSJ community embody justice for creation in all forms as expressed in our profound love of God and love of neighbor without distinction.

We animate, prioritize, and are accountable for our community’s work for justice in collaboration with:

  • Working and Task Groups,
  • the CSJ Justice Office,
  • Province Leadership,
  • the CSJ Community,
  • our Partners in Mission,
  • and all who share our passion, charism and mission for justice.

The Mission of the CSJ Justice Commission:

Our mission calls us to educate, advocate, partner, and act for justice leading to systemic change in communion especially with our “dear neighbor.”1

  • Footnote 1:  The “Dear Neighbor” is a phrase with a long CSJ history and deep spirituality rooted in foundation of the Sisters of St. Joseph and the personal usage of this term by Jean Pierre Medaille, SJ in the 1650’s.  Recent Consensus Statement of the Sisters of St. Joseph professes moving always towards the “profound love of God and the love of neighbor without distinction.”  In light of Catholic Social Teaching’s preferential option for the poor, “dear neighbor” also encompasses deep social commitments and communion especially with our “dear neighbors” who are most vulnerable and marginalized by interlocking systems of oppression and whose voices go tragically unheard or heeded.

 The Purpose of the CSJ Justice Commission:

As an appointed commission of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, the CSJ Justice Commission addresses the needs of the times and engages the community, both individually and collectively, in the work for justice.

 The Guiding Principles of the CSJ Justice Commission:

We acknowledge that the guiding principles of our work as the CSJ Justice Commission include: the 2019 Congregation Chapter Statement of Future Direction, 2019 Province Chapter Directional Statements, the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, Catholic Social Teaching, and Gospel values.

2022 – 2023 Goals

The Justice Commission adopted an overarching theme for the year of “Justice as Healing.”

We commit to  

    • actions and advocacy efforts for systemic change within the Justice Commision, CSJ Community and wider communities. 
    • collaborating with other Working/Task Groups and/or partnering organizations, acknowledging the interconnectivity of our shared justice work. 
    • being transparent with the CSJ community by sharing, educating & intentionally communicating the work of the Justice Commission along with the Working/Task Groups. 
    • engaging the broader CSJ community in actions for justice and advocacy.