Advocating Together with Beacon Interfaith for Rental Assistance

We continue to seek ways to raise our voices to make a difference in the lives of our dear neighbors by seeking investment in anti-poverty initiatives. We are supporting Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative’s efforts to provide rent vouchers for all eligible low-income Minnesotans. Learn more about Beacon Interfaith and join us in supporting their campaign by sending the below email to:

  • Governor Tim Walz,
  • Speaker of the House Melissa Hortman,
  • Senate Majority Leader Jeremy Miller
  • AND your own State Rep and Senator – find out who they are here.

Dear  ___________:

My name is __________, and I urge you to support HF40/SF333, a proposal from Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative and Bring It Home, Minnesota, to sustain children and families who rent throughout Minnesota.  

As a Minnesota constituent and a member of (or partner with) the Justice Commission of the Sisters of St. Joseph and Consociates, I believe that safe, stable, affordable housing is fundamental for education, health and community safety. The pandemic made it crystal clear that we are in a housing crisis and that too many of our neighbors, including children, live one crisis away from losing their homes. When children must move with their families throughout the school year due to rising housing costs, time and resources needed for learning suffer. The problem is enormous, as three quarters of our neighbors, over 550,000 people, who qualify for rental vouchers cannot receive them since neither incomes nor investments in vouchers have kept pace with increases in housing costs. We must invest in a housing solution for the long term. 

Please support and pass Bring it Home, Minnesota, to give every Minnesotan the rental assistance they need. We have the resources to pass Bring it Home, Minnesota right now. An investment of $1.1 billion dollars, about 3% of the Minnesota state budget, into rental assistance could make sure that every Minnesotan can afford their home. 

Please invest in housing this session and support Bring it Home, Minnesota.

Thank You,

(your name and address)