How do you do it?

  • Step one: Read up about container gardening. There are good resources on the internet and in the public library.
  • Step two: Decide what you want to grow (something you enjoy eating!) based also on availability and sun. All vegetables need sun, some more than others. Flowers have a wider versatility.
  • Step three: Begin with a few plants from seeds and the rest from nurseries. I really like my pots on wheels so I can move them around as I tend to each plant. I have a kneeler so my back is not strained but that means I need space. Avoid heavy pots for this reason.
  • Step four: Plants need water and regular fertilizing. Choose fertilizers that are designed for your plants. Water is a major issue. In the heat of the day, the water evaporates from the warmed pots. On hot days, I may water several times.


Why do you do it?

As energy and flexibility wanes, my garden has been my delight. I save seeds from one year to the next so the seedlings are like babies, dependent on me for light, water and nourishment with good soil. As spring approaches, I think about what I want to grow. Each stage is fun to plan and complete. Each morning, I greet the day by thanking the plans for their fruitful generosity.


How do you think this fits in the commitment for Caring for Creation?

I believe that somehow, we each must establish a REAL relationship with our plant and animal relatives. Many people find this with bird watching, pets (birds, cats, fish, dogs…). I do this with earth, seeds and plants. They feed me in countless ways through their life span.


Why should others do it?

No should. Follow your bliss. Try a terrace garden if it attracts you. Find your unique way to establish a relationship with Earth.

Acts of Chapter 2013, p6
“We commit ourselves to act with urgency to protect her (Earth’s) stability and integrity and to celebrate her beauty wherever we are.”



Find a garden supply store which is friendly and can offer suggestions for your choice of containers and plants.


Mary Ellen poses a question for you: How can you care about something you don’t have a relationship with?