We often get lulled into thinking that things will get easier if only our outer circumstances change. The Enneagram is a map for shifting our inner lives so that we flourish more in our outer lives.

It is a system for self-development that uses a nine-pointed figure to portray nine basic personality styles. Each type views life through a different lens. Each type falls into a trance that is unique to it. And, each type has a unique pathway to freedom. Weaving together ancient wisdom, contemporary psychology, and contemplative spirituality, the Enneagram is a tool that transforms lives.

Session One: The Human Challenge: Awakening to the Trance
Explore: the history of the Enneagram; the human struggle to move from our small entranced selves to our vital essential selves; the model of the Enneagram; and a first look at the nine types.

Session Two: Exploring the Nine Types: Nine Pathways to Freedom
Take a deeper look into the nine types: the various ruts that each type falls into; the pathways out of the ruts; and the unique gifts that each type possesses.

Session Three: The Spirituality of the Enneagram: Joining the Liberating Dance
The Enneagram’s foundation is an ancient, contemplative spirituality that invites us into abundance by letting go of our trances. Each type blossoms into and beyond a specific virtue. The end journey of the Enneagram leads us not to typing ourselves, but to living differently in the world as we embrace these nine liberating qualities.

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January 30th, 2019