November 14, 2017

1:30 pm / 3:30 pm

Advent starts the new Church year and the Church’s reading of Mark’s gospel, the first to be written, the closest to oral tradition, and the most audacious in remembering women’s leadership at key turning points.  Peter’s mother-in-law, the woman healed with the hemorrhage, the Syrophoenician woman, the woman who anointed Jesus’ head, and the women of Galilee at the cross and tomb all model faith and prophecy.  The first gospel of Advent begins with the end, urging us to stay alert and watch because no one knows at what hour the householder will return—at evening, midnight, cockcrow, or morning.  Come rediscover Mark and its promise to invite us from fear to awe to faith. Bring your Bible.

This session is taught by Joan Mitchell, CSJ.

August 14th, 2017