November 23, 2019

9:30 am / 3:30 pm

Living in a world faced with profound challenges from every direction—climate change, virulent racism, the suffering of children, rampant materialism—is enough to leave us feeling overwhelmed by despair, unable to find a place to begin making change. Using Seeds & Roots as our guiding metaphor, we will deepen our relationship to Ina Maka, Mother Earth, as a primary, spiritual foundation for making positive change in ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Through experiential learning and activities, the Fall 2019 Soul Conference will explore how our indigenous and ancestral legacies teach us to protect what we love. We will engage the body’s wisdom through movement, music, writing, and conversation. Participants will consider ethical questions, such as: What does it mean to be a good relative? How can we see our past traumas and challenges as teachers? How can we use our gifts to make a better world for our children? Ultimately, our goal is transformation, to see ourselves as powerful change makers, engaged in sacred activism that is rooted in love and joy.

The conference will be led by four dynamic women educators engaged in writing, art, farming, and biodiversity: Christine Baeumler, Carolyn Holbrook, Diane Wilson, and Regina M. Laroche.

August 13th, 2019