Emmy Kegler and Kelly Brown Douglas explore and live out their experiences contending with gender, racial justice and sexuality.  One is a millennial, identifying queer and searching for her vocation.  One is a Gen X prophet, critiquing white exceptionalism and calling for racial justice and equality.

Emmy Kegler is a gifted and only child who journeys through several Christian traditions to find acceptance and her vocation as a Lutheran pastor.  One Coin Found is the memoir of this queer woman who falls in love with scripture and develops a “hermeneutic of the hip” in her wrestling with God.

A mother with a teenage son, Kelly Brown Douglas feels the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin as an immediate family danger, an all-too-familiar story in the black community. In Stand Your Ground, the theologian and Episcopal priest traces white exceptionalism in American history from the Massachusetts Bay Company to Manifest Destiny to the Stand Your Ground laws in Florida that protected the “watch captain” who shot Trayvon from criminal charges.

The course will involve presentations, conversations, and writing prompts to explore the mystery of God in one’s own search for personal purpose and justice in our world.

Sample sessions include:

  • Gender 101: Learning from a new generation
  • Tell a Story: Lost, Real, Good, Marked
  • Black Bodies and the Justice of God
  • Jesus and Trayvon
Fall 2019 Hedgerow presenters: Nancy Corcoran, CSJ, Judge Kathleen Gearin, Emmy Kegler, Angela T. Khabeb, and Tarshia L. Stanley.

August 13th, 2019