December 11, 2019

7:30 am / 9:00 am

Let’s explore some of the ways that poems can engage the challenges, complexities and often concealed joys of aging, our lives of “quiet desperation” with their inevitable “failures.” Poems show us ways to pay attention rather than awfulize about whatever is to come, to have compassion for our often-anxious selves.

We can think of them as parallel scriptures that enhance our lives and help us to live in contradiction, to be what Charlotte Joko Beck calls “a bigger container.” Paul Knitter writes of “a paradigm of becoming,” Huston Smith of “the kind of person we should try to become.”

We’ll hear poems from a number of traditions, write together, raise any and all questions, and look for ways (to borrow from Rilke) to live those questions. We are a water invited to be wine by a grace that we can scarcely dream to imagine (but poems can help).

Facilitated by Michael Dennis Browne.

August 13th, 2019