Relationships are difficult! As the personalities of two people come together, complexities abound and expand as relationships deepen. The Enneagram is a map that leads us through and beyond our personality types. Contained in this map are road signs, of sorts, that indicate how we detour into predictable conflicts. It also points to how we can move toward a presence that is grounded and inspired, and leads to relationships that flourish.

This three-part class is for individuals and partners with some previous experience of the Enneagram. Through presentations and personal and small-group reflections, we seek to deepen our self-understandings in ways that will enhance our capacities to be in healthy relationships. We will explore questions such as, are some type-pairings better suited than others? Can we ever get beyond the same old ruts that trip us up? What are the conditions that lead to relationship mayhem? How do we grow relationships that are respectful, enhancing and exciting? How does our spirituality intersect with our relationships and lead to our higher potentials?

The goal of the classes is to move closer to essential Self so that we can evolve through our relationships.

Session 1: An Overview of Enneagram Awareness & Why and How We Get Stuck

Session 2: The Five Features of Healthy Relational Space

Session 3: The Higher Forms of Relating with Others and the World

This series is facilitated by Scott McRae.

August 13th, 2019