In the coming weeks the Sisters of St. Joseph, in conjunction with Prairie Restorations, Inc., plan to conduct a prescribed burn for approximately 1.5 acres of restored prairie grasslands area, generally located east of 1884 Randolph Avenue and 525 Fairview Ave S. See highlighted area in the map below.

Some of the benefits of a prescribed burn include:

  • Reduction of invasive plant species
  • Cycling of nutrients into the soil
  • Advancement of native seed germination
  • Reduction of hazardous fuel loads, which prevents unplanned and dangerous wildfires
  • Reduction in tick and insect pest populations
  • Increased nesting and bird habitat at the burned sites in the following seasons

It is difficult to provide accurate notice of when prescribed burns will take place since the decision to commence a planned burn involves consideration of many factors. The decision to carry out a prescribed burn is made on the day and is dependent on suitable weather conditions and fuel moisture. If smoke affects you, it is recommended to shut doors and windows and turn off air-conditioners during the planned burn.

The controlled fire of the prescribed burn will be planned, ignited, monitored, and managed by Prairie Restoration, Inc. officials who have undergone extensive training and are very experienced in conducting safe and effective prescribed burns. All appropriate safety measures and precautions will be taken by those performing the burn. Additionally, St. Paul Fire Department will be notified in advance of the planned burn. Further information about Prairie Restorations may be found at

If you have any questions about this prescribed burn, please contact John Viktora-Croke at 651-696-2563. Here is a PDF version of the above information.