1. Period of Inquiry

This is an intentional time for you and the community to become acquainted with one another. You will receive invitations to community gatherings such as liturgical celebrations, lectures and discussions, prayer days, retreats and social events. You will also regularly meet with others who are learning more about the community. During this time, it is important to meet with a spiritual director.

2. Period of Candidacy

While you continue to work at your place of employment, you will have an opportunity to live, pray and share life with Sisters and others who associate with the community. You will continue to participate in the variety of experiences of prayer, liturgy, learning, and socializing that occur in the community.

You will cultivate a relationship with a Sister who will companion you during your discernment. You will also meet with the Sister-Candidacy program coordinator. You may also live one- to two-years in community.

3. Period of Novitiate

After applying and interviewing for the novitiate program, expect twelve to twenty-four months of deepening personal and communal prayer as well as studying scripture, liturgy, the community’s Constitution, vowed membership, and the social teachings of the Church. You also spend time working in some of our ministries. The novitiate period concludes with the first profession of vows.

4. Temporary Profession

This period begins with the first profession of vows. Continue your communal, spiritual and professional growth over a period of three- to six-years, you and the community continue to discern your calling to make a lifelong commitment as a Sister of St. Joseph.


Please contact Jill Underdahl at the membership office to discuss your interests and questions: