2019-20 SJW Updates During the COVID-19 Stay at Home

See how the current SJWs are doing during these times. 

Chelsea Norton: Many things have changed since starting my work from home because my job often relies on face-to-face interactions with the residents at Sarah’s in order to support their needs. Those interactions have also been something that makes each day incredibly special for me and I miss seeing all of the women. As a result of this I have limited hours that I can use to fill my day with small projects for work so I have started an online course called “International Women’s Health and Human Rights.” As for my community, we have come together to find many activities to support one another during these times like making meals, going on hikes in less populated areas, yoga, and posting fun videos online.

Katlyn Martin: Working from home has shifted my work from group projects and in-person donations to lot of virtual meetings and coordinating donations from afar! These changes have made me grateful for the times I was able to use my time in the larger PPL community and to also find joy in smaller, new things, like ensuring that all of our families have access to additional hygiene items. Community-wise, it has been an adjustment to being with each other for basically every waking hour, but it has also allowed us to grow closer and find new hobbies and activities to do together.

Bridget Peterson: As for my personal duties at my site, they have not changed overmuch: there are still emails to send, grants to research, documents to write. The only real difference is that now, I’m performing these duties from home. Our community has gotten a lot closer; there’s a sense in which it’s sort of forced, but I think we’re doing it with a lot of grace and patience.

Katie Galuska: At St. Anne’s Place, I have increased my work hours to ease the stress of higher-risk staff, to assist with distance learning, and to roll out new socially distant family programming. At Next Step Housing, we have shifted to all virtual home visits, programming, and meetings. Our SJW community has found a new slow-paced routine that includes lots of live-streamed events and hikes in nature.